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Stab Resistant Vests - Video Demonstration

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, explains, "99.9% of stab resistant vests manufactured around the World only offer protection from edged weapons."

However, PPSS Stab Resistant Vests have been designed to also offer a truly exceptional level of protection from blunt force trauma following a kick or punch.

In the above video Robert puts his life on the line to demonstrate the effectiveness of his company's stab resistant vests.

Firstly he is beaten severely with a telescopic baton. He is then cut with a Stanley knife and stabbed by an SOG Navy Seal 2000 combat knife and hypodermic needle.

Just 5mm thick and weighing only 2.5kg, this stab resistant vest is available in various models and provides the very latest in personal protection.

PPSS already supply several corrections facilities, as well as public enforcement and private security officers throughout the world.

So stand back, watch and be amazed!

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