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Slash Resistant Clothing - Video Demonstration

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, puts his life on the line to demonstrate the effectiveness of his company's slash resistant clothing.

Whilst wearing this high performance slash resistant t-shirt, Robert cuts himself violently with a very sharp Stanley knife (box cutter knife).

Only a man with total passion for- and solid belief in his product that is now internationally recognized would take on this extreme challenge.

There is no question about it, any of these cuts would lead to severe injury, rapid blood loss or even death.

This video is proving that PPSS cut and slash resistant clothing offers effective protection from sharp objects and edged weapons.

PPSS slash resistant clothing is made from 100% Cut-Tex® PRO and provides the very latest in personal protection.

The World's First Slash Resistant Combat Shirt:

PPSS Group already supply countless of homeland security and other government agencies throughout the world.

However, our high performance cut resistant raw fabric Cut-Tex® PRO is now also utilised within the private casual clothing sector.

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