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PPSS Group Launch New Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit

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A brand new stab resistant anti riot suit has been launched in order to effectively help protect those professionals who have to deal with prison riots, public disorder, mass searches or other serious disturbances.

The types of weapons being used in these conflicts include knives or improvised man-made edged weapons, snooker queues, shanks made out of broken mirrors, glass or ceramic tiles, razor blades, sharpened bed or table frame legs, timber, socks filled with snooker balls, broken bottles, hypodermic needles and spikes, fire extinguishers and rocks or bricks and so on.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, strongly believes their new stab resistant anti-riot suit, which offers truly incredible levels of protection from blunt force trauma as well as a high level of protection from edged weapons, will dramatically reduce the risk of physical injury in such incident.

He said: "For me to say my firm’s new Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit is definitely the appropriate type of safety equipment I felt like I needed to have unquestionable physical evidence in place to back up my claim."

"We decided to produce a product demo video, which assures our clients and customers around the world that our equipment will reliably protect you from the most realistic threats and risks you will face."

"Our rather powerful video has been produced to offer the wearer real peace of mind. You can trust its performance on focus entirely on the task on hand."

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxLetP7HVR8

PPSS Group's new stab resistant anti-riot suit offers unlimited shelf life. There is no biological, chemical or physical evidence even suggesting that the protective raw materials being used will degrade over a 20 years period. This is of clear financial benefits to Governments Agencies, as commonly used safety equipment made out of Kevlar® would require replacing frequently.

Should you have any questions in reference to stab resistant anti-riot suits, then please contact PPSS Group directly.

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