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PPSS Group CEO Robert Kaiser, Meets Craig Wylde - Ex Infantry Soldier and Former Prison Officer

In this rather personal video, PPSS Group's CEO Robert Kaiser talks to his friend Craig Wylde, ex-Infantry Soldier and former prison officer who was horrifically attacked at Frankland Prison in 2010.

On 13th March 2010, Craig had to deal with a prisoner with a control problem who had barracaded himself the night before. That morning, the inmate asked to see nurses and was particularly aggressive, so Craig had to restrain him. But the prisoner had concealed a broken bottle and stabbed Craig under his arm.

Thankfully Craig survived the attack but he's had to leave his job and suffer extreme pain from his injuries.

Since this incident, the British prison service removed all glass and ceramic plates - but apart from this and the installation of CCTV, nothing else has changed in six and a half years. Since then, no PPE has been introduced.

Craig believes that money should be spent providing prison officers with the correct protective equipment such as stab resistant vests or slash resistant clothing. It may not be a deterrent but Craig is certain that if he was wearing it on the day he was attacked, his injuries wouldn't have been as severe and he may have returned to work.

Robert Kaiser explains that it is strange that police officers doing eight hour shift and only dealing with a criminal during an arrest for maybe 20-30 minutes, have to wear body armour by law. But when this same criminal is handed over to the prison service, those prison officers charged at looking after this prisoner, are not allowed or are told they shouldn't wear body armour. That's because it's perceived as making the officer look confrontational, aggressive, hostile or too authoritative.

However, Craig replied to this and described it as a false perception by the prison ministries, some governors and the public - who want these dangerous individuals to enter the prison system and for their threat to be decreased.

Despite many arguments from prison ministries against the issue of body armour, Craig is absolutely certain that there is a real necessity for staff to be issued with stab resistant vests and slash resistant clothing for their own safety, because it will ultimately save a life.

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