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New 2019 SlashPRO® Slash Proof Clothing Catalog Now Available Via Website

slash proof clothingPPSS Group has today launched the 2019 catalogue of the firm's highly renowned SlashPRO® Slash Proof Clothing brand.

Slash proof clothing has been developed by PPSS Group to improve your personal safety - by providing adequate cut and slash protection to highly vulnerable areas - where typical body armor doesn't offer any protection whatsoever.

You can understand why this type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) makes real operational sense by reading our CEO’s article: "The Danger of Slashing | Human Anatomy".

This informative article features the potentially irreparable and even deadly consequences of being slashed by either someone who knows what they are doing, or by someone who just recklessly swings that knife and may eventually get 'lucky'.

Robert Kaiser, CEO said: "I believe if you would ask homeland security professionals from different organisations or agencies what comes into their mind when thinking of a knife attack or when thinking of a confrontation with someone armed with an edged weapon... the word 'stabbing' or 'being stabbed' will be on top of their list."

"However, the above article I have written only very recently, will hopefully clearly establish the extreme risks and consequences of being slashed."

SlashPRO® Slash Proof Clothing is an extremely dynamic brand. Robert says: "Our garment design are really evolving all the time. Our international clients from both the government sector as well as the private security sector - and even taxi drivers and other frontline professionals offering us a constantly updated fresh view on the product designs."

"Their operational risks and their duties are the single most important influencing factors during the R&D and product design process."

If you have any questions about how the SlashPRO® Slash Proof Clothing brand could benefit you and your team, please contact PPSS Group.

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