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SlashPRO Clothing

SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing is worn by both the general public and those in professional occupations to combat the ever-increasing rise of violent knife crime around the world.
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Although the risk of injury through knife crime is statistically reasonably low, it is still a clear operational risk to those who serve the county and protect us citizens, and just to be clear, this is not a U.S. specific problem.

In the UK a recent news headline was: "Young knife wound admissions to hospitals pass 1,000 a year"

Until recently, the public could do little to protect themselves from a bladed attack or assault, but thanks to SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing we now can significantly improve our very own personal safety.

SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing is made out of our very own high performance cut resistant fabric called Cut-Tex® PRO, a fabric which is offering absolutely outstanding, tested and certified levels of cut, abrasion and tear resistance.

All of our knife resistant clothing has been designed to offer the highest level of cut and slash protection, covering the Radial Artery, Brachial Artery, Carotid Artery, Axillary Artery and Femoral Artery - effectively reducing the risk of rapid blood loss and potential subsequent death following an assault by an edged weapon.

Recent attacks on homeland security professionals and other domestic frontline professionals around the world have highlighted a real need for this type of personal protective equipment (PPE). Just do a brief google search for key phrases, such as ‘officer slashed’, and you will be shocked how many professionals here in the U.S. have suffered from such an attack.

In fact, you may well remember the outrageous attack of an inmate, slashing a correction officer, after a battle involving as many as a dozen prisoners at Rikers Island. The vicious attack took place in a dorm-style housing area in the Anna Cross Center, according to the officers’ union, the Correction Officers Benevolent Association: Rikers inmate caught on video slashing corrections office

Furthermore, the risk of accidental injuries during forced entry operations is also a well reported occupational hazard not to be underestimated.

For further information please visit our dedicated SlashPRO® website for full product information, technical specifications, news and press releases on our new slash resistant clothing brand.

Why SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing?

SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing simply offers the best protection and manufacturing quality currently available.

It would never be clever to buy a cheap motorcycle helmet to protect you when riding your bike, and the same rule applies to any protective clothing designed to minimise or prevent injury from a knife attack.

SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing is being manufactured in the European Union to the highest standards available, not imported from China or the Far East where conditions and quality of the clothing maybe very unreliable. If you are considering the purchase of knife resistant clothing, ensure you are aware of its origins and protective ability.

The U.S. is seeing more inferior or fake garments due to importation from countries outside this country. These are normally found on auction websites, such as eBay or similar.

Ask for proof of their protective ability or a video demonstrating the materials slash resistance. If the garment you have purchased is not a recognised brand with supporting evidence of its protective ability, you may not be protected at all by the clothing and therefore at risk of injury.

SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing - Checklist

  • offers the world’s best cut protection (EN 388:2016 Level 5 - not cheap Kevlar or unbranded material)
  • offers ANSI/ISEA 2016 blade cut resistance level A5/A6
  • protective material (Cut-Tex® PRO) is being manufactured in the UK and not from cheap imported source
  • garments are being manufactured within the European Union to the strictest of quality guidelines
  • SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing is recognised as the world’s most advanced and most reliable slash / cut protective garments. Beware of unbranded garments from dubious origins or cheap 'fashion' wear often simply consisting of a cotton-based garment with a thin Kevlar patch sewn in!
  • the technology employed to manufacture this clothing should not be confused with cheaper, inferior clothing found elsewhere.
  • worn as a top layer or concealed under a shirt or jacket, this protection is ideal for those who feel they would like to minimise possible injury from glass or knife attack.
  • this may be whilst socialising on an evening out to those who are at increased risk of attack due to their occupation.
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We believe especially Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers would greatly benefit from SlashPRO® Knife Resistant Clothing.

In the USA, the FBI conducted a survey in 2013 on the number of officers assaulted with knives/blades. These were higher than the amount of attacks using firearms. This number has increased year on year up to the present day.

According to the 2013 Correctional Officer Wellness and Safety Literature Review, correctional officers are involved in the highest amount of non-fatal violent encounters than any other occupation.

A study by the National Institute of Justice in 2007, discovered there are approximately 2,000 correctional staff member injuries annually due to violence against officers by inmates.

A 2015 study in the U.S. concluded that for every 10,000 full-time Corrections Officers, there were 254 workplace assaults and violent injuries reported in 2011 that’s 36 times the rate for all American workers. In 2013, 15 workplace fatalities of correctional workers were reported nationwide, in a workforce of nearly 470,000 people.

On 27th February 2016 the UK based Mirror Newspaper claimed that prisoners have assaulted more than 1,000 prison officers in just two months. These include 95 of the highest category ‘serious’ assaults on staff, such as being slashed with homemade weapons. The two monthly totals is equivalent to more than 16 prison officers being attacked each day. The figures show that 905 officers were victims of the lesser ‘assault’ during this period. This represented a surge of 15 per cent.

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