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PPSS ultra-light body armor provides emergency medical services with exceptional protection from edged weapons as well as unmatched protection from blunt force trauma and hypodermic needles.

According to a number of paramedics currently wearing our high performance body armor, CPR can easily be performed whilst wearing the vest. This has for a long time been a main concern of some key decision makers.

Our dual coloured hi viz ‘Paramedic' body armor model (see image) has been specially designed so that it doesn't look 'threatening' or 'aggressive' - one argument often brought forward by ambulance organisations when arguing against issuing such potentially lifesaving equipment.

It's a simple fact that paramedics sometimes deal with extremely intoxicated, hostile or abusive members of the public - and as such these great professionals have a right to be issued with appropriate protection in the form of ultra-light and extremely thin body armor.

Jonathan Fox, ex-spokesman of the UK's Association of Professional Ambulance Personnel and a Paramedic with more than 30 years of operational front-line experience in London states:

"You can never eliminate the risk of assault on staff. The risk of injury can, however be minimised significantly by the provision of body armour for front-line ambulance personnel. Good radio communication computerised flagging systems relating to previous violent incidents by specific individuals, national physical assault reporting systems and conflict resolution training are measures commonly used in the work place. These measures are however undermined by the absence of body armour provision, which provides effective personal protection completing the package of measures necessary for a safer working environment should the worst case scenario occur."

Robert Kaiser, our CEO, recently wrote on article on this subject. Please take a brief moment to read it: "Body Armor: Effectively Protecting Paramedics and EMTs"

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