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Emergency Body Armor™ - In Case of Immediate Threat

Emergency Body Armour
Emergency Body Armor
Emergency Body Armor
Emergency Body Armor

Emergency Body Armor™ by PPSS Group

Emergency Body Armor™ is a new quickly deployable ‘device’ offering the latest in globally respected and field-tested body armor technology, displaying amazing protection from edged weapons, such as machetes and knives, as well as hypodermic needles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quickly deployed
  • Lightweight - only 1.8kg
  • Ultra-thin
  • Limitless shelf life (compared to 3-5 years life span of Kevlar® made body armor)
  • Exceptional protection from blunt force trauma (usually suffered following a kick, punch or blow from a blunt object)
  • Shields the spine, ribs and all vital organs
  • Home Office (HOSDB) certified
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A live video demo of our new body armor can be viewed below:

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