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PPSS Body Armor for Corrections Officers

PPSS Group have become a true global leader when it comes to the effective protection of correctional officers.

Please read or CEO Robert Kaiser’s article on "Body Armor And The Personal Safety Of Correctional Officers"

We strongly believe that in order to effectively improve the safety and security of our correctional officers we simply must first of accept that we cannot and will not change the aggressive behaviour of certain inmates. No matter what, some will always want to hurt the good men and women who serve behind the walls.

It is unquestionable that a CO in such facility will often be the bearer of bad news. He or she might be required to instruct the inmate to do certain things or inform him/her of any disciplinary, restriction of privileges, or other distressing news, all of which can of course lead to a dangerous physical reaction.

Inmates also have a lot of time on hand to develop vicious weapon in order to carry out extreme acts of violence.  Any CO who served several years in such institution will verify the true brutality and cruelty many of these weapons represent. Sharpened table and bed frame legs, shanks made from broken pieces of plastic, glass, porcelain or mirrors, melting razor blades into toothbrushes and turning pens, pencils and nails into ‘spike weapon’ are all concepts based on the desire to cause maximum damage and pain.

PPSS Cell Extraction Vest

PPSS Cell Extraction Vest

The ultimate body armor to deal with incidents, riots, cell extractions, mass searches or disturbances in corrections facilities.

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PPSS Slash Resistant Tops

PPSS Slash Resistant Clothing

Read about a former UK prison officer who was horrifically assaulted at work and why he recommends slash resistant clothing.

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PPSS Stab Resistant Vests

PPSS Stab Vest Overt

As well as certified KR1 knife protection, PPSS Stab Resistant Vests also provide blunt trauma and needle protection.

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PPSS Group offers two operationally sound, fully certified and comprehensively field-tested solutions in order to improve the personal safety of correctional officers:

SlashPRO® Slash Resistant Clothing

PPSS Stab Resistant Vests

If you wish to discuss your operational risks, threats and duties, and ultimately your operational need in personal protective equipment, please email info@ppss-northamerica.com

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