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PPSS Body Armor for Civil Enforcement

PPSS Body Armor has been designed for civil enforcement officers who regularly engage with intoxicated, frustrated, hostile or abusive members of the public.

Our UK Home Office certified OVERT model (please click on image) is our most popular model due to to three key advantages:

  • Unlimited shelf life (in comparison to 3-5 years of Kevlar® based body armor)
  • Truly exceptional level of protection from blunt force trauma (injuries following a punch, kick or blow)
  • Unmatched protection from hypodermic needles
PPSS Stab Vest Overt

Based on our own operational frontline experience and extensive research we can confirm that in comparison, a civil enforcement officer is more likely to be hit, punched or kicked - rather than being stabbed or even shot.

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Our existing client base includes the following government departments:

  • Trading Standards
  • Licensing
  • Environmental Health Enforcement
  • Community Safety
  • Anti-Social Behavior
  • Dog Wardens
  • Parking Enforcement
  • County Court Bailiffs
  • High Court Enforcement Agents

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Video Demonstration

Please view a video demonstration of this stab resistant vest - click here

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