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About PPSS Group

PPSS Group is a UK headquartered (and also U.S. registered) firm specialising in the design, development and manufacturing of high performance body armor and protective clothing - offering protection from firearms, edged weapons, hypodermic needles as well as blunt force trauma and human bites.

PPSS Group is led by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals with 40+ years of operational frontline experience in governments, elite military forces, police, prison riot teams and personal protection.

Our CEO is widely regarded as one of the most passionate and knowledgeable experts on personal safety - and his relentless campaigning and care for the welfare of frontline professionals worldwide is widely respected.

The History of PPSS Group

November 2009

Robert Kaiser, CEO and Founder, registers UK headquartered PPSS Group - with the precise objective to create an industry leading, globally respected and highly efficient firm within the world of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Mission Statement:

"Protecting Frontline Professionals From Human Threats"

November 2009

Joanna Cartwright is appointed Finance Director of PPSS Group.

November 2009

PPSS Group launch the world's most durable stab resistant vests in the world - offering previously unreached levels of protection from blunt
force trauma, edged weapons and hypodermic needles - as well as an unlimited lifespan:


June 2011

PPSS Group launch the world's most advanced cut and slash resistant fabric, giving it the name Cut-Tex® PRO.

Cut-Tex® PRO is now being used to protect the wearer from razor blades or any types of slashes from broken glass or other types of edged weapons:


November 2011

PPSS Group launch the world's thinnest, lightest and arguably the best bullet resistant vests in the world.

Robert Kaiser, CEO, gets shot by a 9mm Parabellum round from close range to highlight the exceptional performance of this ground-breaking body armour:


May 2012

PPSS Group launch the world's most advanced range of cut and slash resistant clothing made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO - aiming to protect frontline professionals from razor blades or any types of slashes from broken glass or other types of edged weapons:


September 2012

Craig Nicholson is appointed Director of Digital Marketing.

September 2013

PPSS Group launches its first online shop - entirely dedicated to the supply and sales of BitePRO™ Bite Resistant Arm Guards & Clothing (made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO) to special educational needs schools, mental health care facilities and secure psychiatric institutions:


January 2014

Lucy Porter joins PPSS Group as Head of Merchandise.

June 2014

PPSS Group takes further crucial steps in its quest for global market penetration, by setting up its own independent legal entity in the U.S.

PPSS North America Inc. is incorporated in Delaware and operating from New York.

July 2014

PPSS Group launches what will soon be globally known as the world's toughest and most durable 'Cell Extraction Vest' - designed and developed for anti riot and major incident teams of prison and correctional institutions around the globe:


November 2014

PPSS Group launches its 2015 series of high performance cut and slash resistant tactical leather gloves made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO - protecting the wearer from razor blades or any types of slashes from broken glass or other types of edged weapons.

December 2015

PPSS Group launch world's first slash resistant UBAC shirt:


January 2016

Kristian Malcolm joins PPSS Group as Senior Body Armor Consultant.

February 2016

PPSS Group doubles HQ office space, starting to occupy additional Unit 2 of Whitfield Business Park.

July 2016

Tony Welsh appointed as Global Operations Director (2IC) with the aim to grow and stabilise our expanding global business operation

Please contact PPSS North America:

Tel: 1-800-928-4802 | Email: info@ppss-northamerica.com