PPSS Bite Resistant Clothing

PPSS Bite Resistant Clothing will effectively reduce the risk of human teeth penetrating the other person's skin, and subsequently eliminate the risk of infection and cross contamination following a human bite. 

PPSS Bite Resistant Clothing is now being worn by countless Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teachers (SpecEd, SpEd or SPED) as well as Paraeducators, mental health care professionals and correctional officers.

Please note, PPSS Bite Resistant Clothing is made out of our very own high performance cut resistant fabric Cut-Tex® PRO.  

Bite Resistant Arm Guards Online

Why bite resistant clothing is so important?

  • Wound infection occurs in 9-50% of human bites.
  • Risk of severe infection is particularly high in bite injuries
  • A skin break increases the risk of infection and makes it necessary to be sure tetanus shots are up-to-date.
  • A skin break is often obvious but can be tough to tell in some cases. Anything that looks like the top layer of skin has come off should be considered a skin break.

Please note PPSS Bite Resistant Clothing does not eliminate the sometimes painful effect of a human bite, meaning the risk of infection will be eliminated but the risk of bruising remains.

However, padded resistant arm guards offering an even higher bite protection level are now available. This type of bite resistant clothing substantially reduces the pain created by pressure and force of the biting persons jaw; hence the severity of the bruising would be drastically reduced.

Our CEO's blog on this type of product can be viewed here: "How Bite Resistant Clothing Will Help Protect Mental Health Care Professionals?"


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